Jonathan Cooper(non-registered)
I cam across your photography by chance but I love what you do. patience is a virtue and you have it in barrel loads to take these shots.
Jeff F.(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures! Thank you for going through the effort of taking them and for sharing them! Additionally thank you for keeping the art of a website going! Everyone just uses Instagram or Twitter these days and while I understand the draw of a boarder audience it is nice to see an actual gallery page run by the owner of the pictures!
Susan Sharp
Amazing photography! Your critters speak to me…so interesting how a person can feel so much looking at a picture of critters but it isn’t just the critters it is everything. The rocks, grass, trees, water, snow…composition. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
Denice Vandale-Rayburn(non-registered)
Exceptional work!!! Thanks for sharing your photos.
Phil Croteau and dog Oreo!(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, I heard your story on QR radio today regarding having seen and photographed a Wolverine, exciting.
Alana Ahlskog(non-registered)
Stunning photos Gord! A great representation of the amazing wildlife we have in the Rockies. Keep up the amazing work!
Pam Myhill(non-registered)
Your photography is amazing!! Thank you for sharing with us!
Mary Craig(non-registered)
Awesome photography!
Marek L.(non-registered)
Great Grey Owl Posing -photo is amazing!
Kristine Jarrell.(non-registered)
Always a pleasure seeing your wonderful pictures.
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